What makes a "Clearly Designed" web site?

  • Experience - Past work for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Expertise - Internet marketing with SEO/PPC, user experience design, and HTML5/CSS3 web development.
  • Results - Increased ROI via a solid internet presence.

What is an "Internet Presence"?

An internet presence is not just your basic web site.

All "Clearly Designed" web sites incorporate the full circle of internet marketing including generating traffic through search engine optimization and PPC, a visually appealing design, an easy-to-navigate site, ecommerce and lead generation, web analytics to track usage, and ongoing site development with the latest HTML5 and CSS3.

This all makes up a "Clearly Designed" web site.

Questions To Ask Your Current Web Agency:

  1. Is my site coded using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 and W3C compliant?
  2. What strategies or campaigns are you using to drive traffic to my site?
  3. What screen resolutions are my site's pages designed for?
  4. Does my web site look the same in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Android, and iPhone?
  5. What page on my site are most of my visitors leaving on? (Because I might want to improve it)