Our Difference

ClearlyDesigned.com not only creates Clearly Designed web sites, we service all aspects related to creating a successful internet branding solution including:

  1. Driving clients to your site via search engine marketing.
  2. Creating a good looking and Clearly Designed web site design to attract your clients.
  3. Making the site as user friendly and as easy as possible to find what your clients are looking for by incorporating web usability.
  4. Understanding how your clients are using your site with embedded web analytics to see what pages on your site are the most/least successful and what products are selling.

This all encompassing thought process of web design and development can be thought of as “Full Circle Internet Marketing.”

Theory behind "Full Circle Internet Marketing":

Why drive people to a poorly designed web site?
What good is a nice looking web site if nobody can find it?
What good is a nice looking site, if it is hard to use and difficult to find specific products?
When making changes to your web site, are you changing it because you like the changes, or are you catering to the wants and needs of your actual users?

These are the types of in-depth questions that we have already thought through and have the answers to.  The answers also explain how a successful internet marketing solution must incorporate all of these aspects and complete the “full circle.”

First you need to drive traffic to your web site using search engine marketing.  Without this, massive amounts of people will not even know your web site exists.  Once they arrive at your site, they need to immediately see a nice and professional –looking web design or they will not have confidence in your company’s brand.  The site’s design also needs to incorporate web usability best practices so that it is user friendly and allows your clients to find what they are looking for easily.  The easier it is for them to find what they are looking for, the more successful your site will be (whether that be to brand your company name, have your client’s contact you, or have your clients purchase your products).  Clearly Designed web sites focus on this ease of use from the ground up. You can also monitor your web site users via web analytics to see where they are going on your site, what pages work well, what pages they leave your site on, and what products are selling the best.

When you dive traffic to your site, engage them with a nice and professional design, help them find that they are looking for with an easy to use web site, and constantly analyze their pain points to improve your site, you are completing the “full circle” of internet marketing and have a successful online web presence for your company.